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[Customine] Feature Request: Duplicate Pages

I am building a customization that requires many repetitive conditions. I would like to be able to duplicate a page so I can avoid lots of extra work. It would save me time to slightly modify 8 conditions twenty times than to create them all from scratch over and over. Would you kindly add this feature request to wherever you track product requests? Thank you!

Let me clarify that the point of duplicating pages would be to duplicate customization groups, instead of cloning individual line items in a disorganized way.

Thank you for your feature request!

We will think about your request.

Thank you! Another similar feature request: the ability to group line items and duplicate the groups (similar to the behavior of field groups in Kintone, which can be hidden/displayed and, when duplicated, will duplicate the fields inside of it).

This feature is relevant in addition to the other because I noticed that "result of another action" on one page cannot reference other action results on other pages.


Hello, we released "Clone Page" feature today.

Please try it!

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